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A simple, yet effective tool that was especially created to provide the necessary adjustments to anyone trying to improve the pitch and tune their guitar

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Guitar Tuner Drop D is a practical, useful and reliable application worth having when you need to reproduce heavy sounds with your guitar. Simply tune your strings to DADGBE and start playing.

This way, with the help of the program you are able to make the necessary adjustments, then improve the pitch so you can tune your guitar.

Guitar Tuner Drop D comes with a easy to handle and intuitive interface that will allow you to choose the notes and listen to the sounds immediately. After that, you can try to replicate it on your guitar while adjusting the sound the way you want.

Although this application is mostly mastered by users who need to obtain great and original sounds from their guitar, it is also used by heavy metal musicians and by those who play blues and classical music. Using Guitar Tuner Drop D, they can easily obtain low sounds as they can make use of six buttons, each of them producing different ringings. What’s more, you can even set up the volume for each button.

One common characteristic of Guitar Tuner Drop D is the drone that it can produce. Being an advanced guitarist, you will surely know how to play a song while keeping a few strings open to get the proper effects.

However, when you use Guitar Tuner Drop D you need to have two guitars. Although the application can be used with both electric and acoustic guitars, you can try the new tunings with the first one, while the second one can be used with the effects obtained from the program.

Since each guitar is different, going back and forth from standard tuning to lower sounds can damage your instruments, so we advise you to test Guitar Tuner Drop D properly.

All in all, Guitar Tuner Drop D comes in handy for guitarists and musicians who need to reproduce heavy sounds and tune their strings.

Guitar Tuner Drop D was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Guitar Tuner Drop D - With the help of Guitar Tuner Drop D you are able to make use of several heavy sounds and tune your guitar

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