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A fun and easy to use application that helps you quickly learn how to play certain musical instruments, offering step by step guides

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Learning to play an instrument is no easy task, and it cannot simply be learned with a lot of study and no practice. Because anyone that plays an instrument has its own style, it is quite difficult to learn from them without trying to develop your own play style.

HandyChordsLite is a intuitive piece of software that can help you learn to play a chord instrument, by displaying tabulations and the hand positioning for each instrument.

Educational and fun to use tool

The application can help you learn how to play a certain instrument, by displaying a musical note’s name and chord layout, as well as the positioning of the hand on the instrument you are trying to master.

This way, you are able to learn how a certain note is played and, by studying all of them, you can start composing songs and music sheets.

Intuitive music composer

HandyChordsLite provides you with sound recordings of each note, so that you get an idea on how your playing should be heard. In this manner, after mastering your instrument, you will be able to distinguish a songs music sheet just by hearing it.

Furthermore, you can compose your own songs, by weaving a sequence of notes. By transposing each note to match your voice tone, you can create astonishing music sheets. This is one of the handiest feature of the application, as each sound note can be played and switched on your composition.

An overall good virtual music teacher

To conclude, HandyChordsLite provides you with an intuitive learning environment in which you are tutored how to play your instrument step by step, both by audio and visual ways. Because the program specializes only in chord instrument and the way they should be played, the addition of other musical tools would significantly increase its usability.

HandyChordsLite was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 10th, 2014
HandyChordsLite - HandyChordsLite allows you to study musical notes and instruments, in order to learn to play them.HandyChordsLite - You can easily choose the instrument you want to play, such as banjo or balalaika.

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