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Organize your KAR, ST3, KFN and MP3 files, create karaoke playlists and scan your computer for compatible files with this useful tool

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Karaoke Manager is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you manage karaoke files. It works as a cataloging utility that allows you to keep track of KAR, ST3, KFN, MP3, and other audio formats.

Not impressed by the GUI

The user interface looks outdated. The dedicated parameters are not straightforward and easy to decode, so you may need to spend extra time learning how to tweak them. 
Several buttons are integrated in the toolbar but their icons are not at all suggestive. However, you can appeal to tooltips which show a short description about a target feature if you hover your mouse cursor over it. 

Importing options

You can make use of an Explorer-like panel for identifying songs stored in your computer and importing them in the database. Files cannot be played via the tool’s interface because it doesn’t offer support for an integrated player so you need to appeal to an external utility. Optionally, you may rename or delete files. 
What’s more, you can make the application automatically look for songs in a custom location. The results can be filtered by file extension, such as MIDI, ST3, MP3, WMA, and KFN.

Database management options

Karaoke Manager gives you the possibility to sort the items stored in the database by different criteria, like English, Swedish, or Other Languages songs. 
You are allowed to perform searches, edit metadata (e.g. title, artist, note), sort the files by title, artist or ID code, configure external players, jump to the next or previous item included in the database, print the list with songs so the audience can pick favorite audio files, and remove missing files. 
Last but not least, Karaoke Manager helps you create a playlist with songs and singers. This is useful especially when you want to prepare in advance a karaoke session. 

Final words

Although Karaoke Manager comes packed with several handy features for managing karaoke files but it disappoints in terms of design. It needs a GUI facelift to make the entire process more intuitive.
Karaoke Manager was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 4th, 2015
Karaoke Manager - Karaoke Manager can help you find and organize KAR, ST3, KFN and MP3 files of your computer.Karaoke Manager - The application allows you to save the current files to a database and scan your storage devices for other songs.Karaoke Manager - You can choose to filter the items that are displayed based on certain criteria, as well as sort them by IDCode, title or artist.Karaoke Manager - screenshot #4Karaoke Manager - screenshot #5Karaoke Manager - screenshot #6Karaoke Manager - screenshot #7Karaoke Manager - screenshot #8Karaoke Manager - screenshot #9

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