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An application that enables you to create and use Taal rhythm cycles, in order to include them into your Indian-influenced melodies and songs

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Certain instrumental accompaniment simply cannot miss from some songs, especially if your music tries to convey a specific feeling. However, you cannot always have them at your disposal, since they might be rare or not very easy to find in your region.

Compose almost any taal directly on your computer

In such cases, you can make due with a software solution that emulates the sounds you desire, as is the case of TaalMala. The application enables you to use virtual tabla and pakhawaj instruments, in order to compose any kind of rhythm cycle on your computer (also called a taal). The desired rhythms are created by adding the preferred strokes and creating loops you can use in your songs.

In addition, the utility comes with a variety of predefined taals already included to get you started and offer you a glimple at how to create your own. These presets can easily be modified and adjusted according to your own preferences, as well as saved separately to the desired output location, in order to reuse them later.

Adjust the tempo and control the pitch of your composition

The strokes used in the composition are also called bols and they can be added manually into the composition, as well as modified and adjusted to fit your melody. Furthermore, the tempo of the entire cycle can be modified on the fly, by using the built-in slider. The same is true for the overall pitch of the notes.

The pitch preset can also be chosen from a list of predefined ones and you can control the decibel emphasis by increasing or decreasing its value, depending on your necessities. In order to immediately hear the changes you make, you can use the player controls and loop the created sample until you are happy with the results.

In conclusion

Although the application is aimed toward a very specific target audience, TaalMala is still a very easy-to-use and intuitive application, making music composition seem rather simple, although you do need the appropriate musical experience to make full use of its functions.

TaalMala was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 16th, 2015
TaalMala - You can choose from a list of predefined taals in the main window of the application.TaalMala - The File menu enables you to save the current file, as well as create a new one.TaalMala - You can view the taal properties and insert new ones by accessing the Edit menu.TaalMalaTaalMalaTaalMala

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