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Converts Text to Wave, MP3 or WMA Files and helps design a read out book





Text To Wave converts Text to MP3, Wave or WMA Files and can help you design a read aloud MP3 book.

Available in 11 major langauges this software tool helps solve a lot of your daily problems with electronic text. Using a mp3 player you may now listen to documents, read E-mails or web pages downloaded over the internet . Convert heavy CD literature or virtually any text in any of your subjects.

You may also convert your voice to mp3 and send it over by email Super stuff for home, school or office use. One great feature of this application is setting the readout speed. This helps immensely in text understanding cases, especially for schools or educational institutions.

The application is very easy to operate. In a few steps you can convert a text page to a mp3 file and save the file in a specified directory. Convert all of the pages and save all the mp3 files as a play list book. Open the list whenever you desire and listen aloud all pages. You may stop, pause and resume the playback.
Last updated on August 18th, 2009
Text To Wave - Text To Wave's main window allows you to preview your converted files.Text To Wave - screenshot #2Text To Wave - Text To Wave also features a simple text preview window.Text To Wave - Text To Wave features a complex live VoiceCast converter tool.Text To Wave - screenshot #5Text To Wave - screenshot #6Text To Wave - screenshot #7Text To Wave - screenshot #8

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