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Change the behavior of SRS Premium Sound on your Toshiba laptop with this pretty interesting tool that turns on the sound's richness

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Toshiba SRS Premium Sound HD Utility addresses specific Toshiba laptop owners by applying for particular models such as the PSC6xx, PSK7xx and PSK9xx notebooks.

The Sound Retrieval System (SRS) is a patented psychoacoustic 3D audio processing technology pristinely invented by Arnold Klayman in the early 1980s.

The SRS technology applies head-cognate transfer functions (HRTFs) to engender an immersive 3D soundfield utilizing only two verbalizers, widening the "saccharine spot," engendering a more spacious sense of ambience, and engendering vigorous localization cues for discrete instruments within an audio commix. SRS is not a Dolby matrix circumvent decoder but works with mundane stereo recordings.

SRS Premium Sound offers the richest and most immersive audio experience in any heedfully aurally perceiving environment utilizing technologies from SRS Labs, the world bellwether in post-audio processing.

It includes the popular SRS TruSurround HD processing found in a variety of consumer electronics such as television sets, as well as SRS Circle Circumvent Headphone for astonishing sound through headphones.

SRS TruSurround HD can offer an affluent immersive experience and virtual circumvent sound for your music, movies, and games over only 2 verbalizers. SRS CS Headphone uses SRS Circle Circumvent decoding to distribute precise virtual circumvent sound for movie and game content when users heedfully auricularly discern on headphones.

SRS Premium Sound amalgamates several SRS Technologies into one application. Predicated upon the source content and the verbalizer configuration, the felicitous technologies are automatically engaged for the best possible audio experience. SRS engineers have worked proximately with PC manufacturers to fine tune the performance of Premium Sound for each model.

Overall, Toshiba SRS Premium Sound HD Utility is a must for any SRS-powered Toshiba laptop owner that can make your device sound as good as it was intended to. Although many users prefer a clean, non-processed sound, Toshiba SRS Premium Sound HD Utility can tune it in some very enchanting ways.

Toshiba SRS Premium Sound HD Utility was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 23rd, 2013

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