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A software solution that offers you a real-time audio spectrum analyzer which you can use to see if your equipment is behaving accordingly

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TrueRTA is a powerful tool designed to help you test and run a detailed analysis of sound systems using your PC, a measurement microphone, preamp and a USB interface.

The application integrates a low distortion signal generator, a digital level meter, a crest factor meter, a dual trace oscilloscope and a high-resolution real time analyzer. All of these come merged under a user-friendly interface which provides quick and easy access to all the features and functions you need.

TrueRTA offers you a generous display area for the available graphical representations of the analysis, oscilloscope and RTA modes. You get to control the generator from a simple panel and adjust its frequency, amplitude and wave type.

Using this tool you can choose the audio device, select the channel, as well as the input and output sampling frequencies. Depending on your computer's hardware configuration, the application allows you to adjust the internal buffer size of the software so you can obtain the best possible synchronization between what you hear and what you see on screen.

As far as the oscilloscope goes, you get to use and view a waveform of the input signal. TrueRTA enables you to set the oscilloscope time base, input voltage and allows you to choose between the left and right channels as the source for the sweep triggering. Just like for the spectrum analyzer, you get a panel in the main window of the application which allows you to easily adjust these settings.

With certain values for analysis parameters, TrueRTA can measure frequency responses using pink noise and quick sweep. You are also able to measure a loudspeaker’s frequency response and the noise from a given piece of audio equipment.

In closing, TrueRTA is by all means a reliable and efficient application when it comes to studying sound generated by your audio system.

TrueRTA was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 23rd, 2014
TrueRTA - TrueRTA will provide users with a powerful yet easy-to-use realtime audio spectrum analyzerTrueRTA - The File menu will offer a list of basic functions as well as options like Open Single Memory file to WorkbenchTrueRTA - Users will be able to access options such as Printing / Oscilloscope, Display or Automatic Notes from the Preferences windowTrueRTA - screenshot #4TrueRTA - screenshot #5TrueRTA - screenshot #6TrueRTA - screenshot #7TrueRTA - screenshot #8TrueRTA - screenshot #9TrueRTA - screenshot #10

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