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VSFManager (short for Virtual SoundFont Manager) is a tool for managing and loading instrument presets in the memory of your Sou




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VSFManager (short for Virtual SoundFont Manager) is an utility to help you managing and loading instrument presets in the memory of your SoundFont compatible sound card.

It can load a single instrument preset into a single slot of a bank in memory. This means that you don't need to load the whole SF2 file if you need only a single instrument. And the other slots of the bank are still free and you may load presets in them also.

Because VSFManager is based on official Creative's SoundFont SDK, it cannot load/save presets that contain ROM samples (actually this is a limitation of the official SoundFont interfaces of Creative).

This is the only limitation, known so far. Another limitation could be the limit of your RAM memory (for VSFManager to refuse loading a preset), but this limitation has nothing in common with VSFManager and could be easily fixed by you (add more RAM to your PC to load sounds, or check in the SoundBlaster control panel what is the limit set there). So if VSFManager cannot load an instrument into a bank, make sure it does not contain a ROM sample and you have enough RAM memory to load sounds.


■ full version support all 128 slots
Last updated on May 11th, 2007

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Virtual SoundFont ManagerVirtual SoundFont ManagerVirtual SoundFont Manager

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