Vogone 3.40

Create songs for karaoke sessions by removing the voice layer from your selection of songs in several comprehensive steps with this practical application

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What's new in Vogone 3.40:

  • NEW - Runs on Windows 7 - This version runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  • NEW - Automatic Check for Updates - When Vogone first runs and the computer is on-line, it automatically checks to see if 7 days have passed since the last access to the MTU web site. If under 7 days, it won't check now. If more than 7 days, it checks for a new release. This does not delay the program running. The message box that appears has a "Hide this message for version NNN" checkbox where NNN is the new version number. If clicked, the message for the version being reported does not appear again. When a new version is released later than this one, the message appears with text explaining this new version's features. Three messages can appear.
  • CHANGED - Help Menu Check for Updates - Clicking this with the computer on-line immediately checks to see if a new version is released. A progress meter shows the steps advancing to the final message.
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Vogone - Vogone is a handy and reliable application designed to remove vocals from your favorite songs while preserving audio quality.Vogone - The Tools menu of Vogone allows users to set the loop duration.
Besides giving you the chills or simply helping you relax after a long day's work, music also serves as a neat entertainment method, and you surely noticed how everyone starts to sing along when a good song pops on the radio or in the middle of a party. Karaoke is the method in question, playing just the instruments of popular songs, and you can use applications like Vogone in order to remove vocals from virtually any song.

Guided steps make the process easy

It might seem like a difficult technique, since it's only a bunch of notes playing at different frequencies. However, a song is built on several audio layers, with the voice usually representing the middle, and instruments occupying left and right channels.

The application aims to make the whole process easier and takes you through a series of thoroughly detailed steps, at the end of which you get the clean version of the target file, without the voice layer, but keeping the quality as close to the original as possible.

File support and initial steps

File support is decent, with the possibility to load WAV, WMA, MP3, CDA, BIN, KMA, and a few more karaoke files. Only one item can be processed at a time, but this is not a disadvantage, because you intervention is required for a flawless result.

With the song ready for editing, you must decide on a section of the song that has voice in it, with the rest being handled by the application. Selecting the loop area takes you to the first editing phase, which is to minimize the high and low voice frequencies by adjusting dedicated sliders. Bass, treble and volume can also be changed so you can clearly hear and comprehend every minor change.

Review and export options

Before getting to save the new file, all controls are put at your disposal to add finishing touches. Up to four different preset configurations can be applied in case you didn't quite get it right. You can also revisit each step to give it another shot.

Needless to say that the final step is configuring the output type. Three formats are up for display, each with its own stereo attributes, with some even dedicated to karaoke. In this regard, it's sad to see there's no built-in tool to also add and export lyrics.

In conclusion

All in all, we all listen to music for different purposes. Audio editing can even be called a passion or hobby, given the diversity of dedicated tools, with Vogone being amongst the essentials, and not just for building songs for karaoke sessions. Although the general technique seems difficult, the application makes sure all goes smooth and quick, managing to provide the result you are looking for.

Vogone was reviewed by , last updated on April 17th, 2015

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit

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