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Tool created compressing WAV files in order to compensate drop outs in a recording as well as readying the tracks for broadcasting

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WAV Audio Compressor is exactly what its name suggests: a solution for compressing audio data stored in WAV format.

Command-line action

After downloading the archive there is no need to install the application because it is available as a command-line utility. As such, users relying mostly on the mouse to carry out their tasks on the computer might feel a bit put off by the console-based screen.

Right from the start you should know that the program is not compatible with 64-bit systems.


According to the developer, the product can be used for multiple purposes, one of them being the implementation of an audio effect to a track.

Additional possibilities available in the application include compensating drop outs in a recording as well as readying the song for broadcasting.

Moreover, WAV Audio Compressor can be used for applying a variable volume normalization of the track.

It can be used with the default settings although there is the possibility to change the values for maximum gain, recover and feedback speed.

Having so many alternatives that make available a graphical user interface, working with WAV Audio Compressor might not be the easiest thing to do, even for an average user who is familiar with the console environment. Nevertheless, once you learn the ropes handling it becomes a fairly easy job.

WAV format is generally used for storing uncompressed sound, but it also suitable for holding compressed data.


For such a simple application WAV Audio Compressor can do plenty. On the other hand, it does take a while to get accustomed to the console-based interface and lack of support for 64-bit platforms does not increase user appeal towards it.

WAV Audio Compressor was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
WAV Audio Compressor - This is how you can use the main window of the application to compress the WAV file you want.

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