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An intuitive application that enables you to extract sound data from specified music file formats, suitable for keyboards and other digital instruments

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Wave Xtractor is a lightweight instrument that can help you with editing the Wave data contained within certain file formats suitable for playing on digital pianos. The application comes in handy when you wish to listen and edit the raw data from within the above mentioned files, without uploading them to the instrument’s software first.

Multiple input formats

The software supports many music formats that your PC cannot process without the necessary applications. Wave Xtractor is easy to use and allows you to open the files and even more, extract data and organize their PA styles.

The input files may be KORG PA STY, PCM, KMP, PRF, PAD or TVN, UVN and SP2 files, each suitable to a type of keyboard, namely KORG or YAMAHA.

Swift Style Manager

Usually these files need to be uploaded to your keyboard in order for you to adjust the PA style, but Wave Xtractor can decode them, so you can manage them from your PC. You can easily organize your KORG PA Styles with the built-in style manager, by using the available options. Thus you may swap, copy, paste or delete the styles contained in a supported file.

Additionally you may import new styles from other files. The application displays the audio file’s properties, such as sampling rate, musical key, duration and size.

Save Wave data

Once extracted from a STY, PRF or other supported file, the Wave information may be edited or simply previewed, then exported to the PC as a suitable format. You can also view a report of the modifications that you have operated within the input file as well as the final results.


Wave Xtractor is a powerful tool that can help you preview and edit RAW information contained in PRF, STY or other KORG PA files. The application comes in handy when you cannot upload the specified files to your digital musical instrument, in order to alter them.

Wave Xtractor was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on March 22nd, 2015
Wave Xtractor - Wave Xtractor enables you to extract RAW information from files recorded with digital musical instruments.Wave Xtractor - The application allow you to upload PCM, STY or PRF files and extract Wave data for previewing and editing.Wave Xtractor - Wave Xtractor offers multiple tools for music editing, for files that usually can be edited from the digital piano.Wave Xtractor - screenshot #4

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