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Add a touch of color to your black and white images or replace the hues on colored ones with the help of this highly customizable app

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If you have a lot of old photographs, that might have been passed on to you from your parents or grandparents, chances are they are in black and white. And while some of them look best as they are, some of them could use some coloring, just to bring out their value.

Color Magic is a specialized software utility that helps you enhance your images by experimenting with their colors to your liking.

Start coloring your B&W images even if you are a beginner

The installation process goes smoothly and you can first take the time to analyze some of the provided samples - this way, you get to make an idea of the way Color Magic actually works.

Alternatively, you can start experimenting right away, as soon as you select the digital image you want to enhance.

Basically, you need to use the brush to mark the colors you want to add to each area of the image - simply choose the shade, then apply a color stroke over the area you are interested in. You can also rely on the gradient brush for the areas where colors mix.

Browse the extensive library of colors for eyes, skin, fabrics or metals

In order to make sure that your processed image matches your expectations, you can explore some of the presets. In other words, the application comes with some suggestions regarding the eye or skin colors that you can embed in your picture.

Furthermore, it includes some templates that you can use to color bricks, clouds, fabrics (like curtains, jeans, satin or silk), water, sky, grass, leaves, glass, wood, paper, stone or metals.

It needs to be emphasized that if you are not pleased with these presets, you can easily adjust them or create your own custom ones.

Preview the colored photo and export it to another format

All in all, Color Magic comes in handy all those who want to bring a new touch to their black and white pictures, even if they are not artists.

Each enhanced image can be previewed with a single mouse click, then exported to a graphic format of their choice.

Color Magic was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
Color Magic - The application comes with a simple and very customizable user interface that makes it easy for you to colorize black and whit imagesColor Magic - You can easily add color palettes that emulate colors of bricks, fabrics, grass, metal, leaves, and human eyes, among othersColor Magic - By right-clicking anywhere on the app's interface, you can easily enable or disable certain elements, such as toolbars and buttonsColor Magic - screenshot #4Color Magic - screenshot #5Color Magic - screenshot #6Color Magic - screenshot #7Color Magic - screenshot #8Color Magic - screenshot #9

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