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Enhance, repair and adjust facial images in order to create the perfect photos with the help of this intuitive and snappy application

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FaceFilter Studio is a software you can use to correct the imperfections of a picture. But you can also have fun with it by creating various expressions of your friends' faces.

The user interface is very attractive and simple to use, compared to similar products. If you select the tutorial mode, a guide will teach you a thing or two about the image editing tools in this program.

So, thanks to FaceFilter Studio, you can move, rotate and scale the image to fill the bounding area with the face you want to edit, and follow the four-point step-by-step guide to apply the facial mask (auto or manual fitting).

In the follwing steps, you enhance the skin (edit facial mask, change eye color, filter skin), change facial expression (e.g. confident, cool, elegant, kind, proportioned, young, alien, or custom-made expressions), print your picture, and save it (as JPG, BMP or GIF).

Plus, you can use Smart Color, adjust color level, Smart Portrait, remove red eye, crop images, prevent distortion in the eyes and mouth, add highlights to the hair, and use pictures from other imaging tools.

The program is very simple to use (hotkeys are assigned to various commands), but you can check out the help file for any information and guidelines.

FaceFilter Studio uses a high amount of system resources. Some facial expressions may not be entirely accurate, but the program is very fun to work with. We definitely recommend it for entertainment purposes.

FaceFilter was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
FaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - FaceFilter will help you enhance, repair and adjust facial images for perfect photosFaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - Users will be required to adjust the lines for eyes, nose, mouth and contour for the make-up processFaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - The Makeover panel will allow users to tweak the make-up of the loaded image just the way they see fitFaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #4FaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #5FaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #6FaceFilter [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #7

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