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A simple and reliable software utility that helps you organize digital images and create realistic 3D page-flipping picture albums

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FlipAlbum Pro is an efficient and easy to use application that offers you a new way of organizing and viewing your digital pictures as well as other multimedia files.

The application can easily be used to create virtual photo albums (but also products' catalogs), offering a 'Flip' feature that make them similar to the real object, but allowing you to add and view infinitely more images.

The created album takes on the appearance of a book that can be flipped page after page, but you can also jump to a section or a page number from the table of contents.

FlipAlbum Pro supports all popular image formats, as well as sound and video files, so you can easily create a multimedia album. This way, you can listen to your favorite music while flipping through the album or play a short video to remember a certain event.

The albums you create can be exported or burned to a CD and protected with a password of your choice. In addition, you can set an exact number of days for the CD to be readable, after which the ability to view its contents expires.

Furthermore, FlipAlbum Pro provides you with a number of image editing functions, such as 'Vertical Flip', 'Rotate' or 'Add Text', effects like 'Sharpen', 'Posterize' and 'Mosaic' and filters, such as 'Emboss', 'Negative', 'Contrast', etc.

The application enables you to use different themes, covers and backgrounds to customize your photo album, while also allowing you to add various frames to your pictures, to make them stand out. Using the 'Hyperlink' function, you can add links to external items, such as files or web URLs.

FlipAlbum Pro is a great tool that brings photo albums into the modern age, allowing you to add not only images but also videos and songs, merging them together to create a collection of memories.

FlipAlbum Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on October 21st, 2013
FlipAlbum Pro - Within the main window of the application users will be able to add image folders and create animated books.FlipAlbum Pro - From the File menu you can easily share your photo album via e-mail or by uploading it to web.FlipAlbum Pro - From this menu one is able to add new, open ,delete or re-import folders.FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #4FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #5FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #6FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #7FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #8FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #9FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #10FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #11FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #12FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #13FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #14FlipAlbum Pro - screenshot #15