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An application that enables you to rotate, crop and resize your images, as well as apply a wide range of filters, effects and textures on them

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Digital photos offer you superior quality and resolutions, while also being relatively easy to store and manage, since they can be kept on your computer for long periods of time. Some of them, however, may not look the way you want them to, in which case you need to edit their properties and adjust various color parameters.

Crop, resize and rotate images

PixLane Express is a software utility that enables you to bring order to your image collection, by providing you with a useful set of tools to enhance and manipulate almost every aspect of the photos. Beside being able to open and display them, the application is also capable of cropping, resizing and rotating the pictures according to your specifications.

The resizing can be down automatically, or you can manually enter the new width and height. In addition, you can also choose to keep the original aspect ratio, as well as the preferred interpolation method. To rotate an image, all you have to do is press the appropriate button, depending on whether you want to rotate it vertically or horizontally.

Add various filters and effects

In case your photos need slightly more advanced modifications, PixLane Express enables you to use filters and effects to enhance the final quality of the files. Thus, beside the usual brightness, contrast and saturation sliders you can adjust, you can also make use of a wide array of image filters and effects, all of which can be applied at the same time.

The available filters range from common grayscale and sepia, all the way to options such as convolution, channel rotation and Gaussian sharpen. The same is true for the image effects collection, which includes HSL correction, vignette and image warping. Furthermore, these can be easily applied repeatedly, in case you want to make them more obvious.

Powerful digital photo editor

Despite its small size and low system requirements, PixLane Express provides you with a powerful set of tools, all of which are very easy to use and apply on your pictures. In addition, the interface is friendly and intuitive, with every available function reachable from the main window.

PixLane Express was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
PixLane Express - You can use PixLane Express to edit photos on your computer or capture snapshots from your webcam.PixLane Express - PixLane Express enables you to crop, resize and rotate images, as well as adjust their brightness and other parameters.PixLane Express - You can change the image mode and access the list of filters from the designated menu of PixLane Express.PixLane Express - screenshot #4PixLane Express - screenshot #5PixLane Express - screenshot #6

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