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Take screenshots of your whole screen, a window or selected area.

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I4X Screencatcher is a very simple snipping tool that provides only the basic features for taking a screenshot on the go.

While the interface is well-organized and lets you access the captured screenshots easily, not the same thing can be said about the way you're supposed to take a new screenshot.

Since it doesn't support hotkeys, you need to manually pick the type of screenshot every time, which can be either the active window, a user-defined area, full screen or a square region to capture a given MSN avatar.

In addition, the application also allows users to perform basic editing tasks on the selected photos, including brightness and contrast adjustments, blur, horizontal ripples and picture inverting.

There are three output formats supported by I4X Screencatcher, namely JPG, BMP and GIF, with a very simple menu to save the photos, but with no auto-saving feature.

The program also places an icon in the System Tray to easily take a screenshot just by clicking on it, but this doesn't compensate the lack of hotkey support that comes in very handy all the time.

Obviously, it doesn't slow down the system and it works just fine regardless of the Windows version installed on your system.

Overall, I4X Screencatcher serves its purpose, but it's pretty clear that it still needs a bunch of improvements to meet today's expectations. Hotkey support, more configuration options and an auto-saving feature are must have features for this kind of application.

I4X Screencatcher was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 16th, 2012
I4X Screencatcher - Screencatcher allows the user to snapshot any part of his desktop or the entire desktop.I4X Screencatcher - The program enables you to ajust the brightness, contrast, apply blur or horizontal ripples to your screenshot or invert itI4X Screencatcher - Screencatcher lets you choose if you want your screenshots deleted when you start/close the program.

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