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Load SWF content then create snapshots of the image produced at a resolution greater than 2880x2880




SWFShot is a utility to allow you to take large high resolution snapshots of your JPG, PNG and SWF content. It is an easy to use utility that doesn't require any specialized knowledge.

SWFShot was made for a pretty specific purpose, to get around the 2880 pixel size limit imposed by the Flash player. SWFShot does have a upper ceiling though. You won't be able to create a shot larger than 8192x8192 or one that is over 256MB.


■ Adobe AIR
Last updated on June 4th, 2008
SWFShot - The main window of SWFShot allows you to access all the functions of the application to make high-quality snapshots.SWFShot - In this tab of SWFShot you can easily select the image format for the snapshots tha will be taken.SWFShot - The Output tab of SWFShot will enable you to choose the file name and save the snapshots.

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