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Unleash your imagination on a virtual canvas and take advantage of what this extremely lightweight drawing application has to offer

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Besides the classic pen and paper method, works of art can also be created using a computer. There are countless applications that give you the possibility to unleash your imagination on a virtual canvas. Advanced Paint is one of them and promises to deliver a lightweight set of tools to make drawing easy and accessible to anyone.

A straightforward painting utility

Roughly taking up about 50 KB of your space it is an extremely lightweight application. This is either because of practical programming, or the lack of various tools that might have come in handy.

The main workspace provides a small canvas and several drawing options, as well as a palette of colors to make use of. Unfortunately, as much as you resize the main window, you still get the same limited space to draw in.

Only a few tools to work with

The interface is anything but user friendly. It's not exactly difficult to use, but the poor design makes you wish for more. When drawing, consider leaving precision at home, because there is no way to view the shape you use, until it appears in a final form on the canvas.

Furthermore, you only gain access to three pens with predefined size, and available shapes are displayed in a non intuitive manner. In case you make a mistake, there is no possibility to undo it so you need to adapt to the situation.

Once you finish drawing, the possibility to save to file is limited to BMP format, and you can only export pictures, with no integrated function that allows you to edit any existing image.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Advanced Paint is anything but what the name suggests. The poor design gives you extremely limited creation possibilities and the small canvas only enhances this disappointment.

Advanced Paint was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
Advanced Paint - The main window of Advanced Paint enables you to start your drawing.

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