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Using this application you can select a background image and specify a folder that contains pictures you want to create a collage from

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If you want to impress your colleagues, friends or family with the background image you have on your computer, you can try creating a collage of your most beautiful images and set it as a wallpaper. BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder is one of the applications that can help you create professional-looking collages in no time.

You will not even need to install this application to your computer in order to make the most out of its features: simply copy it on your portable USB flash drive and run it whenever you want to replace your current wallpaper with a new one.

Since the graphic interface of BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder is highly intuitive, even novices will be able to realize that they need to enter the path of the image folder and select a picture that should be used as the background. The app already comes with some sample items, so you can start by experimenting with them so as to get an overview of all the functions.

In terms of customization, the application allows you to modify the spacing between the images, which can come in handy if you only want to use a handful of files and you do not want them all to be grouped in the upper side of the collage.

Additionally, you can also edit the photo size to your liking, as well as add frames to each picture included in the collage - not only can you select a color for the borders, but you can also adjust their width as you see fit.

However, you will not be able to manually change the position or the size of your images, so if you are not pleased with the created layout, all you can do is generate a new one, as this will re-arrange all the pics and change their position.

All in all, BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder can come in handy to all those who want to show off their pictures on their desktop and want to display them as a professional-looking collage.

BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder - BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile Builder allows you to select multiple pictures and create collages.

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