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A handy utility for editing digital pictures, adjusting, duplicating or simply removing any of the objects that were captured in an image

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Changing the original look of an object or person as it was caught on camera is an activity that is rarely done on a regular basis, unless this is actually someone's job. For regular users, nonetheless, the need for carrying out such a task may appear just for amusement, in most cases.

If you are looking for a utility that can perform such modifications with minimal efforts and configurations, you might want to take a closer look at Free Clone Stamp Tool. Compact and not too difficult to work with, this program offers a simple way of removing unwanted object from a photo or re-touching a portrait captured with a digital camera.

The support for the most common image formats will allow anyone to load and edit a picture in no time. The software can handle JPG (JPEG), BMP, PNG and TIF (TIFF) filetypes equally easy, so it's safe to assume that it will work with input from most photographic cameras.

As soon as you load an image for processing, you will have to define the source point that will be used when erasing or cloning something from the photo. From then on, it's only a matter of choosing the appropriate parameters to get the expected results.

The program provides several adjustments for opacity, hardness and radius, which relate to the brush tool you will use to paint over objects and faces that you want to touch up. Thus, with Free Clone Stamp Tool you will be able to get rid of unwanted elements like electrical wires from a landscape photo or the wrinkles on someone's face.

The zoom in capabilities of this utility can take you almost to pixel precision, while the flip and rotate options add further value to the package. On the whole, Free Clone Stamp Tool offers a basic set of features, but it manages to get the job done really well and without too much strain.

Free Clone Stamp Tool was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
Free Clone Stamp Tool - Free Clone Stamp Tool comes in handy if you want to rotate or flip you image, as well as change its filenameFree Clone Stamp Tool - The main window of Free Clone Stamp Tool enables you to choose the source image and to fix its stains or other imperfections

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