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Edit photos with photo frame, photo effects and funny backgrounds

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Funny Photo Maker provides a very simple approach to image editing. In fact, this particular piece of software takes your selected image file and integrates it in the context of its available selection of frames. Its simplistic yet colorful interface proves to be a sufficient environment for fooling around or even creating really nice and artistic compositions.

First of all, Funny Photo Maker requires you to add pictures to the photo gallery in order to prepare them for easy selection and quick mix within the selected predefined photo. Image editing is kept very simple, thus the only possible operations regard rotation, flipping, annotation, crop, filter and addition of various art clips.

The program holds three categories to browse and pick the best frame, funniest face or artistic effect. The Frame section comprises a plethora of options varying from animals, billboards, calendars, games, holidays, money to booklets, movies, nature, photos, screens or sports.

The second section, entitled Face Fun, helps you easily create caricatures of the selected face from your original photo. You can also apply that specific face on animal bodies, celebrities, events, game stills, movie posters, magazine covers or nature landscapes.

The Artistic section of the application brings a handful of graphical effects to the table. Despite the number of the available options, Funny Photo Maker comes with no customization of these effects - either you like what you see and keep that particular transformation or you don’t. Amongst the array of featured elements, you can choose from paint, lomo, lights and colors, mood, sketch, collage, wave or distortion.

All in all, Funny Photo Maker may not be the most comprehensive image editing software, but then, its simple way of making things happen is enough for the average user. It consists of a wide selection of frames and effects to browse and find the one that really matches your preferences.

Funny Photo Maker was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Funny Photo Maker - This is the main window of Funny Photo Maker where you can add new photos and start to edit themFunny Photo Maker - After you add a photo you can edit it from the Frame tab and see the new photo in the Edit Template tabFunny Photo Maker - From the Face Fun tab you can select a part of your photo and match it on different facesFunny Photo Maker - From the Artistic tab you can add various effects on your photo such as snow, mosaic and oil paintFunny Photo Maker - In the Export Options you are able to set the image width and height and specify the export directory

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