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Simple tool for creating stop motion animation projects and checking the progress frame by frame thanks to the “onion skin” feature

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Although creating stop motion animations is not to difficult a task, it is not for everyone because the activity requires a lot of patience and the right software to compile the actions.

If you have the necessary tolerance, there are plenty of applications available that can help with carrying out this type of project.

Connect the webcam and start recording

Helium Frog Animator is among the solutions and the product does not need to be installed in order to benefit from its functionality. However, a camera that can be connected to the computer is required.

The recording device should be detected automatically by the application and the next step refers to the video settings (framerate, resolution, compression, quality).

Simple interface, useful functions

One of the most important part in the program is the console that contains all the options necessary for creating the stop motion animation. Apart from the frame capture button it also features the possibility to delete the previous frame, enabling sound and.

Among the most useful functions is called “onion skin” and its purpose is to provide a ghosted view of the previous frame. This helps check the previous step so that the next one does not seem out of place. There is also the possibility to define the intensity of onion skinning.

The console can be used for navigating to the beginning of the recording or move back and forth one frame at a time. Playing the entire recording is among the list of options, too.

Easy to use stop motion animating tool

This sort of project is definitely painstaking but the end result is worth all the effort for many users; and Helium Frog Animator provides the tools and options for keeping an eye on the entire project and make the necessary corrections.

Helium Frog Animator was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Helium Frog Animator - The main window of Helium Frog Animator lets you select the capture device to be usedHelium Frog Animator - Pin Properties window of Helium Frog Animator lets you set the video formatHelium Frog Animator - The main menu window of Helium Frog Animator lets you capture or play framesHelium Frog Animator - screenshot #4Helium Frog Animator - screenshot #5Helium Frog Animator - screenshot #6Helium Frog Animator - screenshot #7Helium Frog Animator - screenshot #8Helium Frog Animator - screenshot #9

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