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An intuitive and reliable application that enables you to create and edit logos as well as add objects, photos, tag lines or visual effects

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Logo Design Shop is an easy to use graphic designing application that enables you to create or edit logos and offers you a wide range of templates, models and shapes that you can use in the creation process.

Easy and fast logo creation

The software enables you to create a logo for a company or an event starting from a white board. You can design a professional looking visual identity, using the several preset templates, concepts and taglines. Thus, you may start with a basic shape, then add elements, photos, text or effects in order to obtain a logo that suits your purpose.

You can insert objects, such as 3D models, letters or numbers and manipulate them on separate layers for better image composition. The taglines are pieces of inspirational text that can serve as motto for a company’s activity and promoting.

Edit previous projects

You can load existing .ids projects and edit them, by adding or removing elements, apply filters and effects, as well as adjust their size or opacity. Simply select an object and adjust its color, luminosity or apply shadowing, framing, blurring or embossing effects. You may resize either the object or the canvas, thus creating a larger logo.

Editing tools, such as aligning all the elements to a border, manage layers or duplicate objects can be accessed from the dedicated menus on the right.

When your creation is complete, you may save the project for further editing, or export it as an image, with suitable quality for printing, online use or convert it to a gray scale picture, for fax documents.


With a user-friendly interface, Logo Design Shop is a graphic editing assistant for both beginners and artists. It features comprehensive tools and a large collection of templates, conceptual objects, taglines for mottos and editing instruments that can help you create a professional looking visual identity.

Logo Design Shop was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 12th, 2014
Logo Design Shop - Logo Design Shop is a simple and reliable application that enables you to create and edit loge images.Logo Design Shop - The software comes with multiple design templates, objects, artistic fonts, tagline ideas or logo concepts.Logo Design Shop - The software allows you to insert photos, shapes or text and freely edit their size, ratio aspect, skew or opacity.Logo Design Shop - screenshot #4Logo Design Shop - screenshot #5Logo Design Shop - screenshot #6Logo Design Shop - screenshot #7Logo Design Shop - screenshot #8

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