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Insert various image files or use a large variety of vector drawing tools for high-quality works of digital art with the help of this easy to use application

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In order to demonstrate the true potential of a computer, Windows puts a bit of every utility at your disposal, such as writing tools, building videos, recording sound or drawing. It was then the turn of developers to provide more features in all domains of activities. When it comes to image editing and drawing, Mayura Draw comes with a simple and friendly environment.

Lightweight and portable

As soon as you finished downloading the product, you can store it on a USB Flash drive to use on the go because it's portable. It has very little impact on your system, keeping your PC's health status intact, while providing a simple canvas you can use on the go.

By default, your workspace is fitted with a blank representation of a page you can leave as portrait or switch it to landscape view. Don't worry, it's not the space you work in, but merely acting as a guideline in case you also want to integrate text in your creations.

A little rough around the edges

The application isn't a professional approach on drawing, nor photo editing. File support is decent, with formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, WMF, AI and MD being the ones you can insert. It's also possible to export to the same amount of file types, with a small window letting you set quality before generating your new image.

A little time spent getting acquainted with all the app puts at your disposal and you still feel it's a little rough around the edges. This is not because of the simple design, but rather the odd and frustrating implementation of several simple tools, such as color selection.

You'll find a wide range of colors at the bottom of your canvas, but trying to change it only applies it to fill area and text, while lines are left aside. You can change line color either through the dedicated tool or right-clicking on the tone you want to use.

Missing various useful tools

Moreover, when working with other images, you need to grab parts you need with the help of other tools, because the application doesn't come with an area selection tool in order to cut parts, delivering a big blow to practicality.

What managed to catch our attention were a few neat tweaking tools. These aren't abundant but give you an interesting grip on the situation. In other words, selecting a spot on the canvas enables you to rotate, mirror, skew or reflect any object according to your point of reference.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Mayura Draw is a simple image editing and drawing application you can use for personal, simple projects. It comes with a decent selection of tools, but somehow left aside important ones, such as area selection or at least a better implementation of color picking.

Mayura Draw was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 6th, 2015
Mayura Draw - The main window allows the user to draw shapes and to add objects to a canvas that can be printed or saved as an image file.Mayura Draw - You can easily export your drawing to a PDF, TIF or JPG image by using the File menu.Mayura Draw - The Edit menu allows you to manage the shapes and the objects on the canvas and provides you access to the main options of the program.Mayura DrawMayura DrawMayura DrawMayura DrawMayura DrawMayura DrawMayura Draw

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