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An extensible system for processing unstructured 3D triangular meshes, with a wide variety of filters, a reliable lighting system and multiple rendering options

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Handling three-dimensional models and editing meshes or creating new ones from scratch will surely become easier if the appropriate tools are at hand. For those who work with polygon meshes, particularly triangular ones, a utility like MeshLab could be just the right choice.

The interface is well organized, with a generous space for loading the 3D designs and hosting all the functions in such a manner that most of them are only one click away. Customizing the layout can be done by dragging the toolbars on several rows and having them aligned either horizontally or vertically.

A great thing about MeshLab is the extensive support for many formats that can be authored with almost any dedicated modeling solution out there. More precisely, you will be able to load 3D-Studio (.3DS) files, Alias Wavefront Object (.OBJ) items, even Protein Data Bank (.PDB) documents to name only a few from the over 20 types currently supported.

The editing toolset contains some interesting instruments, like the Arc3D importer, the Quality Mapper or the Texture parametrization Tool. There is also a wide array of filters which are grouped in over a dozen categories, including several for meshes and layers, smoothing, quality measuring, curvatures and computation related filters as well.

The rendering facilities consist of several modes (wireframe, hidden or flat lines, BackFace Culling, bounding box and more), simple, double side or fancy lighting, colors and shaders, as well as a wide variety of edges, vertices, labels and other elements that can be activated.

Given the impressive diversity of tools and functions that can be found inside MeshLab, the application deserves to be cited among the recommended applications. It will make it possible for anyone to load and process meshes, analyze and edit them with ease.

MeshLab was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
MeshLab - MeshLab provides you with an intuitive and full-featured mesh processing tool.MeshLab - The Edit menu of MeshLab enables you to use the measuring tool and select the vertexes.MeshLab - You can apply all types of filters to your mesh using the dedicated menu of MeshLab.MeshLab - screenshot #4MeshLab - screenshot #5

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