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Packed with the same useful tools and options this is the MS Paint application before Windows 7 introduced the ribbon to its interface

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If you're an avid computer user, you probably know that one of the main changes in Windows 7 was the introduction of the Ribbon interface in the popular Paint tool.

Good ol’ interface

That is why you may find Paint XP quite a handy utility, as it brings the old-school Paint tool back, working just fine on Windows 7 too.

The real good thing is that all features are still there, so Paint XP can easily take the place of the revamped Paint tool on your Windows 7 machine, offering exactly the same goodies as the older versions.

Good ol’ tools and options

With support for a wide variety of photo formats, you can draw a number of shapes, zoom in and zoom out, pick colors, erase, place text and select a specific area of an image using the toolbox placed on the left side of the main window.

The “Image” drop down menu hides the same useful utilities, including flip and rotate, stretch and skew, invert colors, attributes, clear image and draw opaque, which means Paint XP boasts the tools that made the old Microsoft Paint famous.

Performance and evaluation

Obviously, Paint XP runs on very low resources and does not affect system performance at all, working just fine not only on Windows 7, but also on all the other Windows versions on the market. Still, it is clearly a tool addressed to Windows 7 users who are not quite impressed with the Ribbon interface of the new Paint version.

Overall, Paint XP is an oldie but goldie that works flawlessly on Windows 7 and comes to lend a hand to all users who wish to perform simple photo editing tasks without the need for the Ribbon look.

Paint XP was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 17th, 2014
Paint XP - The interface of the application displays tools you can use to paint over your image and shows the colors you can draw withPaint XP - Accessing the Edit menu you can undo or repeat an action, clear an image selection or save it to a specified place on your computerPaint XP - In the View menu you can activate the tool box, color box, status box and choose the zoom levelPaint XP - The Image menu allows you to flip or stretch an image, invert its colors and clear the picture from the application

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