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A practical and comprehensive application that can help you create accurate 3D models and measurements from your personal images

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PhotoModeler is a reliable and effective software solution that helps you create accurate and high-quality 3D models and measurements from various photos.

Being designed for areas like engineering, architecture, surveying and games, PhotoModeler is an affordable utility that enables you to build models using edges, surfaces and other entities and get measurements from your images.

The application includes an advanced interface and various wizards that help you set up your project, as well as modeling tools including line, curve, edge, cylinder and shape marking utilities. What’s more, you can even perform point, distance, length and area measurements right within the program.

The main window includes a caption, a menu, toolbars, a work space and status bar. Optionally, there can be other panels visible, but you can customize your favorite tools by accessing the View menu. You can also control the overall look and feel of PhotoModeler by applying themes and styles.

When the application is launched for the first time, a dialog box comes up with tutorials that provide a good way to learn about all the features and options, considering that you are a novice user who need to work with the utility in a short time.

The fist step in creating a new project is to decide what type of project you want to create by choosing one of the provided options such as Standard project, Automated project or Camera Calibration project.

Because the utility comes with a paned interface, you can organize your workspace by grouping windows of the same type: 3D viewers, tables and other information and action panes. Much of the interaction between the user and the application will take place through these panes.

By using PhotoModeler you are able to work with any number of photos from digital, film or video cameras and accurately measure your camera’s focal length and lens distortion.

Considering all of the above, PhotoModeler is a reliable, practical and straightforward application worth having when you need to create 3D models from your personal pictures.

PhotoModeler was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on November 30th, 2013
PhotoModeler - PhotoModeler will provide users with an application that can help you create accurate 3d models from photographsPhotoModeler - The File menu will help you quickly and easily manage your projects as well as export them to models, ortho photoor 3D viewer animationPhotoModeler - Users will be able to access options such as photo list, shapes explorer, enhance image or measurement within the View menuPhotoModeler - screenshot #4PhotoModeler - screenshot #5PhotoModeler - screenshot #6PhotoModeler - screenshot #7PhotoModeler - screenshot #8PhotoModeler - screenshot #9PhotoModeler - screenshot #10PhotoModeler - screenshot #11PhotoModeler - screenshot #12PhotoModeler - screenshot #13PhotoModeler - screenshot #14PhotoModeler - screenshot #15PhotoModeler - screenshot #16

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