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Image perfection for print, multimedia and Web pages

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PhotoPlus SE is a graphic editing tool that comes equipped with a few interesting features for enhancing the quality of your digital images. It can be handled by both first-time and advanced users.

The interface of the program packs a user-friendly layout where you can start a new project from scratch or open an existing file.

So, you can make image adjustments when it comes to the auto level and contrast, levels, curves, color balance, brightness, hue and saturation, among others.

Additionally, you can flip, rotate and duplicate pictures, change the image and canvas size, as well as apply various effects which include distort, blur, sharpen, edge, solarize and stained glass.

Furthermore, you can create and merge layers, add masks, select a color range and use basic graphic editing tools, such as crop, move, deform, mesh warp, rectangle and color selection, paint brush, clone, red eye, eraser, flood fill and text. PhotoPlus SE also allows you to switch to 'QuickFix Studio', 'Filter Gallery'. 'Instant Artist' and 'Extract' modes, as well as import and export data.

The image editing program runs on a pretty high amount of CPU and system memory. But it has a good response time, includes a help file and manages to keep a good image quality of the files. We have not come across any issues throughout our testing; PhotoPlus SE did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs.

All in all, PhotoPlus SE comes packed with some essential features for editing digital photographs. But they can be mostly valued by users with some experience in this domain. PhotoPlus SE certainly catches the attention when it comes to graphic editing applications.

PhotoPlus SE was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 11th, 2012
PhotoPlus SE - This is the main window of PhotoPlus SE where you can easily edit photos.PhotoPlus SE - You can choose to view the Instant Effects Tab or the Color Tab from the View menu.PhotoPlus SE - If you want to rotate your layer 90 counter-clockwise, you will go in the Image menu.PhotoPlus SE - Operations such as Merge Visible or Merge all can be found in the Layers menu.PhotoPlus SE - This is the Select menu where you can choose to modify the border or the feather.PhotoPlus SE - The Brush Cursors can be modified from the General tab in the Preferences window.PhotoPlus SE - You can choose to preview the GIFS as animation in the Browser tab from the Preferences window.PhotoPlus SE - You will find options for the Rulers/Grid or for the Grid Spacing in the Layout tab.

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