Pixel Editor 2.33

Clean application which comes bundled with many options and enables you to create pixel art and save your projects to the hard drive

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What's new in Pixel Editor 2.33:

  • Splash screen is updated
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21 Pixel Editor Screenshots:
Pixel Editor - The main window gives access to the main functions of the software, like selecting the color and the tool you want to draw with.Pixel Editor - This window allows you to change the image size using a standard or a custom size, and to change the resample filter.Pixel Editor - The Tools menu allows you to change drawing tools, color fill, image transparency, line width or to convert the selected image.Pixel Editor - The Color Fill menu allows you to change the way the software responds when you use the color fill tool.Pixel Editor - You can change the way tjhe Gradient option works, by selecting from predefined list of settings.Pixel Editor - From the Effects menu you can rotate, flip, or roll the picture, and replace a color or change the saturation of the picture.Pixel Editor - You can import an image by accessing this window , change it's size, and it's color intensity.Pixel Editor - This window enables you to change the size of your current image, using custom dimensions.Pixel Editor - You can set the image transparency on or off and you can blend images by accessing this menu.Pixel Editor - By accessing the Rotate menu you can rotate the image to the right or to the left or transpose it.Pixel Editor - From this menu you can roll the image right, left, up or down at the lick of a button.Pixel Editor - You can customise the smoothness and sharpness of the image by accessing this window.Pixel Editor - Within this window you can change settings for hue, saturation and lightness. or set these settings for grayscale only.Pixel Editor - You can set the brightness and contrast of the image by using the silders within this window.Pixel Editor - You can select the desired palette of colors from predefined settings by accessing the dedicated menu within Effects.Pixel Editor - By accessing the Controls menu within Help, you can customise certain toolbars and areas shown within the software.Pixel Editor - The Creating tab within Options enables you to set the program to open an image at startup.Pixel Editor - The Editor tab allows you to change the appearance of the transparent areas or the color of the editor's workspace.Pixel Editor - You can change settings for the bitmap background colors and for the character type from the Export tab.Pixel Editor - The Import tab allows you to change the behavior of the software when it pastes images from the clipboard.Pixel Editor - You can enable the software to show images in the main menu or toolbar buttons, from within the Tuning tab.
Pixel Editor is a software tool that was developed in order to aid individuals in creating images, as well as edit and save them to the computer.

Organized environment

The installation process does not bring any kind of surprises and it does not last more than a few seconds. When you are done with this, the interface you come face to face with encloses a simple and well-structured design. It is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons and a toolbar. Both power and novice users can find their way around it without experiencing any kind of issues, and the built-in Help contents reinforce this statement.

Supported file types

This software utility enables you to open several tabs in the same time, thus enabling you to multi-task. Aside from that, you should know that you can open pictures in formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PSD, PNG, TGA, TIF, EMF and WBMP, as well as build pictures from scratch. Your projects can be saved to the HDD using BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, WBMP and XPM extensions.

Editing and drawing

It is possible to access a pretty long list of drawing tools, such as a color picker and replacer, eraser, airbrush, pencil and paint brush. You can also insert lines, arcs, curved lines, rectangles, ellipses and text, establish line width, lock RGB channel, rotate or flip the picture, and adjust the saturation, brightness, opacity and contrast levels.

Effects such as negative, replace color, stroke, hot image and grayscale can be applied, while you can also control the size of the canvas, take a snapshot of the screen and import it to the program.


All in all, Pixel Editor is an efficient piece of software when it comes to creating pixel art and saving it to the computer. The response time is good, the computer’s performance is not affected and there are sufficient options incorporated to keep you busy for quite a while.

Pixel Editor was reviewed by , last updated on April 10th, 2014

Runs on: Windows All

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