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Advanced graphic editor that combines vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap processing in one package, featuring presets and customizable settings for experienced users

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Real Draw Pro is a comprehensive graphic processing application that enables users to create and edit projects with vectors, 2D, 3D and bitmap. Suffice it to say, it bundles numerous advanced functions and configuration parameters, so it is mostly oriented toward experienced users.

Professional-looking interface

The GUI looks a lot like other similar apps dedicated to professional graphic editing. It shows panels on the left, right and bottom part of the screen with drawing tools, color adjustments, layers and styles, while the top part displays a toolbar and menu bar.

Set styles and draw objects

At startup it is possible to select an initial style to draw in, between standard, book illustration, watercolor, crayons, oil paint and sketch. Styles can be applied easily when it comes to color and texture, transparency, bevel, shadow and effects, 3D lights, the library, objects, and so on.

The drawing box includes tools for selecting objects, drawing shapes, zoom, adding artistic text and arrow lines, inserting bitmaps, rectangles and ellipses, painting objects, rotation, skew, editing lights, and more.

Configure project, object and bitmap settings

Document properties can be edited when it comes to the canvas size and color, while the canvas can be trimmed, flattened and cropped. Blueprints can be loaded from file, and it is possible to apply a non-photo realistic style from several presets available (e.g. charcoal, engraving, ink, manga).

Objects can be nudged, flipped, arranged by sending them to the back or bringing them to the front, rotated, grouped and ungrouped, as well as converted to polygons, envelopes or bitmaps. The text may also be translated to polygons. As far as bitmaps are concerned, users can adjust the levels for brightness, contrast and saturation, invert alpha and apply effects (e.g. sharpen, Gaussian blur, oil painting). These are just part of the features available here.

Evaluation and conclusion

Surprisingly, the app does not hog system resources, considering its complexity. It executed commands swiftly in our tests and did not trigger Windows to hang, crash or pop up error messages. To conclude, Real Draw Pro sports many advanced options and configuration settings for knowledgeable users.

Real Draw Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 18th, 2014
Real Draw Pro - The opening page of RealDRAW Pro allows you to customize a image any way you want.Real Draw Pro - The General Settings window allows users to adapt the program to their needs.Real Draw Pro - You can easily adjust the image to your demads, rotate it for example.Real Draw Pro - Real Draw Pro  allows you to adjust the image at any angle you desire.

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