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A comprehensible and efficient software application that allows you to create advanced animation videos based on 2D vector technique

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the TAB Pro is an advanced piece of software that allows you to create professional 2D vector based animations with ease, in an interactive fashion.

An intuitive interface and ergonomic layout

In order to make the work of the graphic artist much easier, an application needs to be simple and intuitive. the TAB Pro fulfills these basic requirements, allowing users to easily find and access the functions and the menus they need.

The layout of the application is constituted from multiple docked windows which can be moved in order to create your own personalized layout that fits your style.

Easily create scenes and insert frames to your animation project

With the TAB Pro, creating new scenes and managing each frame is a quick and pleasant task, thanks to the application's comprehensible layout.

When creating a scene, you are allowed to modify the visible area, in order to zoom in on the desired section of your drawing.

In the TAB Pro, you can specify the number of frames per second you wish your animation to have, and also, you can edit each frame one at a time.

Various animation tools to be used for obtaining advanced animations

The application puts at your disposal a vast array of drawing, selection and coloring tools, and also a multitude of effects and patterns to be applied to your animation projects.

Everything you draw in the TAB Pro with the various tools, you can convert to vectors, so you can quickly animate only the desired elements of your frame.

In the TAB Pro, you can easily verify the output video of your on-going project, in order to make all the necessary modifications.

An advanced animation software utility

the TAB Pro proves to be an efficient and resourceful software program for creating complex animations, with a large collection of options and tools at your disposal, and a comprehensible and intuitive user interface.

the TAB Pro was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
the TAB Pro - the TAB Pro allows you to create 2D vector base animation videos with ease.the TAB Pro - From the File menu, you can create a new scene or save your on-going project to disk.the TAB Pro - From the Edit menu of the TAB Pro, you can undo or redo any modification you have made to your project.the TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Prothe TAB Pro

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