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Easily create 3D paintings with simple tools and various possibilities to set glare with the help of this lightweight and intuitive application

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With the quick and efficient advancement in technology, devices allow artists to use their skills and unleash their imagination on virtual canvases to create works of art that last longer and are created faster. Specialized applications must be used in order to make this possible, with 3D Paint being just one of them, targeting exactly what the name suggests.

A small workspace at your disposal

Running the application brings up a rather compact window, with not a lot of space available to use its features. This is a major disappointment, having seed its core function is creating visual art. There is no method of adjusting the window size, nor many features to work with, making even MS Paint a worthy competitor.

Adjustable brush size

There are mainly three tools with the help of which you supposedly create 3D art, as the name suggests. However, one of them lets you adjust the brush size, which can range from 1 to 999 measured in pixels, with the only preview possibility being to test it out.

Multiple glare options

Another function lets you select color to use, with no restrictions whatsoever. Last but not least, what seems to be the 3D aspect is the glare tool, simply letting you select the side to cast shadow on the object, giving it a slight 3D look.

Far from being a pro

You can save your work anytime by pressing the dedicated button, but you are limited to GIF files of 640 x 380 resolution, with no possibility to change quality settings. Additionally, you can start a new project in the hope that something will be accomplished.

System resources used make your computer believe it is idle due to the low requirements. What's more, if you fancy the application, it can easily be stored on a removable storage device and used anywhere because it does not require any installation.

To end with

All things considered, 3D Paint is only at the start of an extremely difficult road to success for its kind. Implemented features leave a lot to be desired, especially due to the fixed window which drastically reduces practicability. Don't let the name fool you, because if you're looking to create 3D art this is not even close to what you want.

3D Paint was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 15th, 2014
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