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Design beautiful fractal art pictures and smooth animations with the help of this app that is both powerful and light on your computer's resources

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While a bit abstract for some, there is no denying that the mathematically achieved fractal art pictures are something worth gazing upon.

With a very appropriate name, Chaotica is a practical and powerful piece of software which is meant to serve one purpose: that of helping you design astonishing fractal art pictures or high-quality animations.

Powerful, easy to work with and light on resources

This said, Chaotica puts a strong emphasis on two major concepts, first is to produce high-quality fractal art images and animations, while the second is to be as light as possible on your computer's resources.

Because Chaotica's powerful editor features animation capabilities and support for a progressive multi-core rendering engine, it would not be exaggerated to say that the app has them both covered.

User-friendly interface that is suitable for low light environments

The black-themed interface of Chaotica provides you with quick access to the most powerful and important tools. You can explore the 'World browser' and 'Random world generator', as well as adjust the image and overall render settings.

If you are willing to push things a little bit further with your fractal designs, then you should know that in order to open the Pallete and Animation editors, you need to access the app's Window menu, a little uninspired placement, to say the least.

Designed so that both novice and advanced users can enjoy it

Since it was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, working with Chaotica feels as straightforward as possible. This said, probably one of the best things about the utility is the fact that it enables both novice and more advanced users alike to enjoy it.

The less familiarized users can enjoy Chaotica's set of built-in samples and start from there or take advantage of the option that generates randomized fractals in mere seconds. The latter category of users can really fiddle with advanced settings and parameters.

Fractal art made easy

As a final note, Chaotica proved itself to be a user-friendly and comprehensive fractal designer with powerful animation capabilities and tools for creating high quality fractal art images or wallpapers.

Chaotica was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 5th, 2015
Chaotica - The main window of  Chaotica allows users to create a new random world fractal with the preferred parametersChaotica - From the File menu, users can create new random worlds, broswe through the samples or save the current imageChaotica - The Edit menu enables users to undo a certain action and copy the XML file or the image to clipboardChaoticaChaoticaChaoticaChaoticaChaotica

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