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A straightforward application that helps you quickly analyze the colors of your images and captured screen areas by hovering over them

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Sometimes, you might find some colors displayed by your computer that you really like, but do not know its name or the RGB and HSL code, in order to find it.

ColorAid offers an efficient solution in this matter, by allowing you to discover these parameters with ease. It helps you open pictures or screencaps, then, by hovering over them, discover their complete name, RGB and HSL code.

Intuitive color picker and highlighter

The application gives you the possibility to quickly discover the characteristics and name of a color, by simply loading your favorite images and hovering over the area of interest. The color or pixel under your mouse cursor is analyzed, the program displaying the color’s full name, along with its RGB and HSL code.

This has numerous uses, especially for color blind people, as they can read the color’s name and distinguish them. You can also use the program to discover the code and name of a color that you would like to use for your home decorations or clothing.

Handy tool for color analysis

ColorAid helps you capture certain screen areas and analyze those, in order to find out several details about the colors they contain, as similar pixels are highlighted on the whole image. By doing so, the program helps visually impaired people quickly distinguish the colors displayed by an image.

Once a color has been hovered over, it is highlighted all over the loaded picture, and it begins to flash, showing every occurrence of the color in focus. You are able to adjust the flashing speed and brightness of the highlighted area, so that it is not too obtrusive or tiring to the eye.

An overall efficient and good color analyzer

To conclude, ColorAid is ideal for finding out details about an image, specifically about the colors it is composed of. It has a minimalistic and proficient interface, helping you quickly determine colors and their RGB and HSL codes. As it is mainly designed for people with visual impairment, it could be used as an aid for those who have trouble distinguishing colors.

ColorAid was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
ColorAid - ColorAid allows you to quickly find out the RGB or HSL code of a certain color, highlighting it on the overall image.ColorAid - By accessing the File menu, you can open new images for viewing or capture screen areas for color analysis.ColorAid - Hovering over a certain area highlights every occurence of the color in focus over the whole image, helpful for colorblind people.

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