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An application that enables you to organize your images into a database and export them as web galleries, PDF files, or attach them to emails

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If you work with large amounts of photos, you might often find it difficult to sort through them, especially if they are spread into multiple folders.

Finding specific data, such as EXIF or Geotagging information, can prove to be even more challenging, since most common image viewer do not have the required capabilities to display them. DBGallery is a software solution that offers you all of these features and more, making it a useful utility for any image enthusiast out there.

Organize photos into databases to store their data

Databases have many advantages over regular data storage, such as faster search speed and improved sorting possibilities. They are also much easier to maintain and export to various other formats. DBGallery enables you to create MySQL databases to hold all of your image data and information, including Geotags, EXIF data and general file properties, such as name and dimensions.

The fact that your images are stored into flexible databases means that they can be easily exported to other formats, including PDF, CSV and Excel spreadsheets. They can also be made accessible on the world wide web at the flick of a button, thanks to the web gallery export capabilities built into DBGallery. You can even create entire websites without any web programming skills required.

View detailed reports of your image collection

DBGallery enables you to create and view extensive reports of your image database. One such report is the “Collection Report Card”, which displays an inventory of your files and categorizes them by their file type, dimension and overall activity.

The application allows you to create photo counts, to view pie charts of the used cameras, authors, subject and categories for every image available in your collection.


Whether you are just on the lookout for a handy image viewer, or you are a professional photographer searching for an advanced photo organizer to keep your collection neatly sorted and detailed, DBGallery is the right solution for both tasks.

DBGallery was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
DBGallery - You can view the media content of the selected folder in the main window of DBGallery.DBGallery - You can search for files and create filters depending on the creation date, GPS or EXIF data.DBGallery - You can export files to a web gallery, PDF or CSV by accessing the Export menu.DBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGalleryDBGallery

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