EMP SlideMaker 2

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Generate presentations using custom media files (PPT, PPTX, JPG, BMP, MPG and WAV file format) which can be automatically run on a projector

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EMP SlideMaker 2 is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you create presentations that may include images, animations and PowerPoint documents, which can be visualized using a dedicated projector.

Define a new presentation

When you run the utility for the first time, a small window pops out letting you configure a new presentation. You may provide details about the scenario name, pick the saving directory, and insert audio files (WAV file format) which can be tested directly into the main panel.

Furthermore, you are allowed to choose the background color and pick the image quality (highest quality, high quality or standard).

User interface and supported file formats

EMP SlideMaker 2 adopts a clean and simple interface that offers quick access to an Explorer-like layout from where you can import files in the working environment using the drag-and-drop support.

In addition, the tool displays a preview of each photo with the aid of thumbnails. It works with the following file formats: PPT, PPTX, JPG, BMP, MPG and WAV.

File management options and preview mode

The application gives you the possibility to set the playback order, apply various animation effects (e.g. slide in, random stripe), undo your actions, cut, copy or paste items, delete the selected file from the presentation, make the selected entry inactive, and refresh the list with files with just one click.

A preview mode is implemented for helping you check out how your project looks like in its final stage. You may adjust the volume, play, pause or stop the current presentation and go to the previous or next item from the list.

Configuration settings

EMP SlideMaker 2 offers you the freedom to run a scenario automatically on a projector, save the current project to a file so you can import it in the future for performing other adjustments to it, and print the list with photos that are embedded in the current presentation.

Bottom line

All things considered, EMP SlideMaker 2 comes with a basic suite of features for helping you create presentations using media files. On the downside, it hasn’t been update for a long time, so it may cause compatibility issues especially on newer operating systems.

EMP SlideMaker 2 was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on December 24th, 2014
EMP SlideMaker 2 - In the main window of EMP SlideMaker you will be able to select the images you want to use.EMP SlideMaker 2 - From the Scenario Options tab window of EMP SlideMaker you will be able to select the animation you want to use.

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