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A powerful solution that was created to help all those who need to create great looking virtual tours or panorama images with minimal efforts

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Working with photos is a common activity for all types of users and the range of tasks that involve digital pictures is quite broad. Some of the more advanced operations which have at their center the use of images acquired with a digital camera are the creation of panoramic views and of 360 degrees interactive tours.

In order to be able to carry out with accuracy such complex jobs and as effectively as possible, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools and Easypano Studio Professional is one of the possible choices.

Two professional-grade products bundled into one package

This software solution consists of two dedicated applications, each specialized onto a specific job. Thus, you will get Easypano Panoweaver and Easypano Tourweaver, as both of them will be installed in the same time.

The interfaces are made to accommodate the needs of experienced users while being also suited for those who make their first steps in authoring panoramas and virtual tours.

Advanced tools with customizable features

Panoweaver will enable you to put together several photos and create a panoramic view in a couple of minutes. In fact, if the default parameters are left as they are, you could get a decent result in under a minute, depending on the number and size of the source pictures.

There are several types of panoramas that can be generated, like cubic, cylindrical or spherical, while the program will work well with fullframe, circular, or drum fisheye images, as well as other types.

Insofar as the virtual tours are concerned, their creation may take a bit longer because they are more complex and require adding and configuring a variety of elements, effects and many more. Nonetheless, Tourweaver manages to turn the whole process into a straightforward job every time.

A complete solution for virtual tour presentations and panoramas

All in all, Easypano Studio Professional is a solid software which succeeds in providing all the necessary tools and the ease of use that are necessary for creating complex projects and seeing them through without major issues.

Easypano Studio Professional was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Easypano Studio Professional - Easypano Studio Professional consists of two software solutions, Panoweaver and Tourweaver which can be used for creating panoramas and virtual tours.Easypano Studio Professional - Panoweaver enables users to put together amazing panorama images and preview them before saving or publishing them.Easypano Studio Professional - To access the main controls for managing the panorama, you can use this menu or Panoweaver.Easypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio ProfessionalEasypano Studio Professional