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A handy tool that can easily find faces in your photo collection by comparing the characteristics of a person with each face it detects in a photo

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Face Capturix provides you with a simple method to find photos in your collection that include a specific person. Relying on artificial intelligence algorithms, it can easily compare faces it finds in your photos and display matching images.

Variable accuracy of face recognition

Such an application is very practical in situations when you want to find all the photos in your archive of one of your friends or acquaintances.

However, its reliability depends on numerous factors, such as the person's appearance (for instance, if the person is wearing sun glasses, the photo might not be included in the search results) or the photo angle.

Ease of use and organized results display

Thanks to its intuitive interface, working with Face Capturix is very easy. Your only task is to select a photo with a face you want it to search for and choose the target location. Common file formats are supported, such as JPG, TIF, J2K, BMP, PCX, TGA and GIF.

The application automatically detects the face in the loaded photo and compares it with all the other faces it identifies in the target folder. The search results are displayed in a simple table, enabling you to preview the images.

Search for a face in large photo collection

Face Capturix can look for a face in hundreds of photos and even if the collection is large, the scanning process shouldn't take so long.

You can optionally instruct it not to search sub-directories, but there are no other filters to apply. Moreover, it is only capable of searching for a single face, since you can't select more than one person to compare all photos with.

Face Capturix was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
Face Capturix - You can use Face Capturix to scan your photo collection and find the faces of your friends.

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