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A lightweight software tool that can help you identify faces from images, then automatically crop and save them to your computer

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FaceCropper is a clever little tool that is especially created for those who need to scan a large number of photo and crop out the faces of people it identifies. Using this tool you won’t have to browse through all the photos to find those which you need and you certainly won’t have to load each one into an image editor in order to manually crop them.

User-friendly interface

From the first run, FaceCropper appears to be a straightforward tool that won’t waste your time with many configuration options or a tedious work process. Its main window is split into sections from where you can choose the source folder, adjust a few options and view some details about the photos.

After the images load into the application, all you need to do to extract the faces is to click one button and then wait for the process to end. FaceCropper moves quite fast and it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to scan a hundred photos or so, although depending on their actual size and number of faces time can vary.

Simple settings for quick use

FaceCropper doesn’t offer an abundance of features and configuration options but what it does bring should be more than enough if you’re just looking to crop out some faces.

The portraits you extract can be used for ID cards at a library, yearbooks and so on, and because any of these formats require the images to be at different sizes, the application enables you to set the output width and height for the crop.

Apart from that, FaceCropper allows you to convert the images to black and white and also provides a simple means of repositioning the faces in case the application cuts out the top of the head and such.

Practical and reliable

To wrap it up, FaceCropper is a very handy software solution to have around when you need to crop out faces from photos without going through too much trouble.

FaceCropper was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
FaceCropper - FaceCropper enables you to scan a multitude of images and extract detected faces.FaceCropper - From the Preview window, you are able to adjust the position and size of the face you want to crop.

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