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Recognizes facial features and creates a morphing animation that can be displayed on a website.





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FaceMorpher Web Edition is automatic morphing software designed specifically for online morphing web applications. FaceMorpher WE recognizes facial features of uploaded photos and creates a morphing animation that can be displayed on a website. FaceMorpher WE acts as a standalone EXE application that operates in the command line and performs the morphing fully automatically.

In morphing animation all features of one person's face are smoothly transformed into the features of another person's face. In other words, the first person's lips are transformed into the other person's lips, his or her eyes are transformed into the other person's eyes and so on.

To create such animation, the program has to know the positions of these features in the photos. FaceMorpher WE incorporates the Luxand face recognition technologies to perform this facial feature detection.

FaceMorpher Web Edition can be controlled from the command line and includes a number of command line options.

FaceMorpher WE gets two photo files from the command line, performs facial feature detection for both photos (or loads the locations of their facial features from a file) and creates a video file containing morphing animation. The locations of the detected facial features can be saved to a file and can be later used to create animation.


■ 128 MB RAM
■ 100 MB free disk space
Last updated on March 2nd, 2008

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