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A lightweight and very easy to handle application that can assist you in creating customized QR codes, in just a few swift moves

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Free QR Code Generator is a user-friendly and intuitive software utility meant to provide you with the ability of designing your own Quick Response codes, in which you can insert all the information that you need to disperse.

Basic yet functional looks

The program features a very simple interface, making use of tabs to separate the types of data that you can enter in your codes.

In the lower part of the main window, you can adjust the output preferences, referring mainly to the picture format or the pixel size.

Swiftly input the contents of your Quick Response Code and save the image to your PC

Free QR Code Generator is able to generate codes out of ‘Text’, ‘URL’ addresses, ‘Phone’ numbers, ‘Email’ addresses, ‘Contact’ information, ‘SMS’ or ‘Geo’ coordinates, specifically longitude and latitude, requiring simply that you add them in the proper boxes.

After selecting the type of data that you want to work with, you can enter them manually and the QR code will be displayed in real time, allowing you to preview it as it is created. The output configuration options enable you to set the ‘QR Pixel Size’, which in turn translates into a smaller or larger picture size.

Moreover, the tool lets you customize the ‘Transparency’ level by means of a slider, as well as opt for a certain degree of ‘Error Correction’. Finally, you can select the file format between PNG, BMP and JPG, then press on the ‘Save As Image’ button to export it to your computer.

A useful QR code creator

To sum it up, Free QR Code Generator is a handy and efficient application that can serve in creating a wide range of information-filled Quick Response Codes, that can be saved as images, then used however you see fit.

Free QR Code Generator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
Free QR Code Generator - The main window of Free QR Code Generator allows you to input the information you want to insert in your codeFree QR Code Generator - From the Image Type menu, you can select the output format for the code picture that will be createdFree QR Code Generator - The Error Correction menu enables you to choose the level of adjustment that can be appliedFree QR Code Generator - screenshot #4Free QR Code Generator - screenshot #5Free QR Code Generator - screenshot #6Free QR Code Generator - screenshot #7