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Gif Cleaner (GifClean32) will remove the extraneous structures, making your GIF files leaner and cleaner.






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GIF image files contain a number of internal structures. These structures govern how the GIF is displayed, the looping counter, delay times, etc.

There are also a number of comment and application extension structures. Comments and non-Netscape application extensions take up space and cause some delay in loading a GIF file to your Web page.

Some Gif creation and/or animation tools embed comments stating information about the tools and sometimes that the GIF was created with shareware and isn't registered!

These comments and data sections take up space and the smaller the image file the less time it takes to download and display on your web page.

Gif Cleaner (GifClean32) will easily and quickly remove these extraneous structures, making your GIF files leaner and cleaner.

Some GIF image editors and animation tools place a number of comments (usually stating that the GIF was created with unregistered shareware) and their own application extensions.

These extensions are NOT USED by Netscape or Internet Explorer and can be safely removed without affecting the functionality of the GIF or animated GIF file.

Space saving from 100 bytes to over 1K can be realized by cleansing animated GIF files.
Last updated on July 3rd, 2007
GifClean32 - The actions you may perform to the loaded GIF files with the help of this application are: add comment, set display time, etc.GifClean32 - The Options menu of the GifClean32 ensures you may edit the GIF file in the easiest and most complete way

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