Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools)

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Import various 3D models and convert them to Ogre3D items with this flexible application that can display individual levels of graphical framework

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The area of 3D modeling has benefited a lot from the increased raw power available to developers from newer and better hardware units. With the rise in the number of graphics files, a similar trend has been witnessed in all tools related to this area of digital design. Allowing users to view several types of previously created 3D models, Equity_XL also offers one the ability to make basic conversions between various dedicated formats.

Scrutinize 3D models, even during animation sequences

Built on the Ogre rendering engine, the application has sufficient punch to load most 3D models and can even display motion (if available). Also, one can view various prototype parts, such as the meshes and textures employed, or the bone structure and vertices used.

Specifically, the program can import Wavefront OBJs, Milkshape MS3D, Autodesk 3DS and FBX documents, as well as Ogre3D mesh files. Once a model has been loaded, users are free to rotate the view in all directions, even as the model is performing its scripted animation.

Convert between formats and view the internal lattice of the model

This allows one to assess accurately the performance and visual impact of the prototype and can even serve as a good basis for error detection. Several buttons can be employed to 'strip' the model to its building lattice and one can even calculate weight distribution (provided the model has a skeletal structure).

Several conversion tasks are supported, such as new output Ogre3D and Milkshape files and the program can even decompile a scene to multiple TXT documents. If opting for Ogre to Milkshape conversions, one can employ a built-in dedicated tool that allows thorough control over the graphical components transferred and also displays accurate preview models.

A good viewer for most 3D prototypes, with several conversion options

Summing up, Equity_XL is a detailed tool for anyone working with 3D models, especially in Ogre3D and Milkshape formats. It allows users to rotate cameras or display motion, and basic conversion tasks are also supported.

Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - The main window allows users to view and rotate 3D models in most formats, including 3DSEquity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - The application can convert files to many types of 3D models, including Ogre3D formatsEquity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - Equity_XL features a built-in weighing module that computes values for any detected verticesEquity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #4Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #5Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #6Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #7Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #8Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #9Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #10Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #11Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #12Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #13Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #14Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #15Equity_XL (formerly HGT Tools) - screenshot #16