HGT Tools

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A set of tools for 3D simulations using the Ogre rendering engine





HGT Tools comes with a collection of 3D simulation tools for Reality Factory and the Ogre rendering engine, enabling you to create 3D models and animations.

There are several applications included in the package. The Equity 7D tool allows you to edit and create a 3D scene, the Motion Manager enables you to modify the motion effects, while the TxlEditor can be used for editing textures.
Last updated on August 6th, 2013
HGT Tools - The Equity 7D application enables you to create or edit a 3D scene, the textures and the polygons.HGT Tools - Using the Tools menu, you can decompile the actor, convert and resize textures.HGT Tools - The Import menu enables you to import Ogre or Autodesk objects into HGT Tools.HGT ToolsHGT ToolsHGT ToolsHGT ToolsHGT Tools

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