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This intuitive and easy to use application can successfully assist you in joining together a picture with a text file, in just a few clicks

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Image + Text File Binder is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software developed to offer you an easy means of combining pictures with text into a single file, that can keep the information from both sources.

The benefits of a portable tool

After downloading the archive, you can unzip it and just run the executable file, as the utility does not need to be installed on your system in order to be able to work with it.

As such, you can store it on a USB stick or other memory devices and carry it with you wherever you go, using it on any compatible computer without an issue.

Additionally, Image + Text File Binder will not generate pesky registry entries to clutter your system, while also allowing you to remove it just by deleting it, leaving no trace behind.

Drag and drop the files you want to process

The program displays a basic interface, with no particular characteristics to mention. It features a 'File Image' and a 'File Text' field, in which you can either drag and drop the item you wish to work with or you can browse for it through your computer and load it into the application. It supports various image formats, like PNG, JPEG, JPG or GIF, as well as several text files, like CSS, HTML, TXT or PHP.

Aside from inputting the source items, there is nothing left for you to do than press the 'Process' button. You cannot choose the output location, the format or the generated file's name. Image + Text File Binder will export it by default to its own folder, assigning it a label that combines the words from the initial files' names.

Generate useable images that contain text

After joining the two items, the picture will still be visible with any regular image viewer, but when opening it with a text editor, like Notepad, you will be able to find the source text at the end of the file.

All in all, Image + Text File Binder is a handy and easy to use program which can assist you in quickly merging pictures with text files, in just a few mouse moves, sparing you from a lot of effort.

Image + Text File Binder was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
Image + Text File Binder - Image + Text File Binder is a simple tool that can help you quickly combine an image with a written message