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When expressing an idea to a large public, it's best done through a presentation with examples in order for both the message to be clear and the first impression pleasant. Since most presentations nowadays take advantage of computers, applications such as IntuiFace Composer give you the possibility to create amazing and interactive presentations that can meet any demand.

Intuitive design and rich set of tools

Launching the application unveils a visually appealing interface, with features cleverly stored to provide quick access and enough space to navigate and build your project. If you take a moment to go through what the application has to offer, you notice that it's heavily equipped with anything you might need to design a presentation, from the possibility to import other formats to customizable objects and triggers.

Import various media files

In terms of supported objects, the application lets you add images, movie files which sadly only supports WMV, AVI and MP4, various document types, and even an integrated web browser for enhanced presentation possibilities. These are added in the form of objects you can enable the user to interact with, like moving them around or rotating, or leave them in fixed positions.

Easily create animations and interactions

What's more, integrated features give you the possibility to further customize interactions using triggers and actions. Any object placed on the screen can suffer from a condition that can trigger various actions. This is easily done by selecting the category and a corresponding trigger, which can be gestures, snapshot, timers, as well as touch commands, after which all that's left to do is add several commands to animate other objects, run external applications and a lot more.

A few last words

All things considered, IntuiFace Composer manages to fully live up to expectations, giving you the possibility to create both simple and professional presentations, suitable for any needs. The set of tools put at your disposable is remarkable, with support for a large variety of other file and presentation types, the only requirement on your behalf being imagination.

IntuiFace Composer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
IntuiFace Composer - The start screen of IntuiFace Composer allows you to choose whether to start a new project or open an existing oneIntuiFace Composer - You can edit a project and work with the provided assets, collections and other helpful elementsIntuiFace Composer - The dedicated menu in the toolbar enables you to add a new scene to your projectIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace ComposerIntuiFace Composer

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