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Lightweight application which enables you to analyze and extract metadata from any specified JPG photograph, with just a few clicks

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JPEG Analyzer is a software tool developed specifically to aid individuals in viewing detailed information pertaining to any JPG file from their computer.

The advantages of a portable app

This product is portable, which means that the installation process is not a prerequisite. In addition to that, you can move the program files to a removable storage device therefore giving you the possibility of taking it everywhere with you and running it on any PC.

Another noteworthy aspect is that JPEG Analyzer is not going to update the Windows registry and hard disk with new entries without your approval, and no remnants will be left behind after its removal from the drive.

Clear-cut GUI

The interface you come across maintains quite a minimal and clean appearance, as it only consists of a menu bar, a button and a pane in which to display information pertaining to the uploaded item. Due to its simplicity, all user categories can learn how to handle it properly, including those with little experience with the IT world.

Preview pictures and display metadata

Since the “drag and drop” function is not supported, you are required to upload all items with the help of the incorporated file browser. Once added, you can preview the JPG images in a small pane in the main window, along with all the metadata that interests you. To be more precise, you can view the height, width, vertical and horizontal resolution and pixel format.


To sum up, JPEG Analyzer is a pretty simple, yet efficient piece of software, dedicated to those interested in viewing image metadata. The response time is good, the amount of resources required is insignificant and the interface is intuitive. Nevertheless, it has not been updated in quite a while and the options available are quite limited.

JPEG Analyzer was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 5th, 2014
JPEG Analyzer - In the main window of JPEG Analyzer you will be able to select the image file to use.

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