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A reliable and creative application that serves as a movie director's tool for arranging storyboard images and related information

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When creating a movie, some directors prefer to create storyboards first. These are made using images and descriptive indications, which are pinned on a board.

JStoryboard Tools is a crafty piece of software that allows you to create virtual storyboards with ease, by simply inserting, captioning and organizing images on a virtual board. This way, you are able to print and distribute storyboards with ease. In order to properly work, the application requires Java installed on your computer.

Handy utility for creating storyboards

The application can help you build your own storyboard, using various images. You can add each one wherever you want, sequence and caption it, then print your final storyboard. By doing so, you save yourself from the hassle of manually assembling a real storyboard.

Furthermore, you can create as many storyboards as you want, as each particular set is saved in a certain project. This means that you can work on as many as you want, by simply switching between them.

Dependable scene creator and storyboard visualizer

JStoryboard Tools provides you with a stable environment for creating movie storyboards with ease. By building them using images and text, you can make editable storyboards suitable for printing. Furthermore, each generated storyboard can be viewed using the visualizer.

This is a highly useful feature, as you can create a still image movie using your storyboard. You can easily adjust the display time of each image, the transition time and the number of steps needed to proceed.

An overall good, yet polishable storyboard generator

To sum it up, JStoryboard Tools provides you with an efficient way of creating movie storyboards using images. Since the application is still being developed, some of its controls might feel clunky and unresponsive. Making the program more flexible would significantly increase the number of people that would use it.

JStoryboard Tools was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
JStoryboard Tools - JStoryboard Tools allows you to create movie scripts using images and text descriptions.JStoryboard Tools - By right-clicking on the main application, you can create new storyboards or print scenesJStoryboard Tools - Each storyboard can be edited by inserting images and scene, shot and sequence numbers.JStoryboard Tools - screenshot #4JStoryboard Tools - screenshot #5

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