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The application features a built-in image viewer and dictionaries for Kanji symbols so you can translate and read manga comic books

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MangaED is a graphic application whose purpose is to help manga translators work with a text editor, image viewer, dictionary, and Kanji search tool.

User interface

The GUI looks clean and is made up of several smart panels that allow you to preview the imported images, check out the script area, as well as perform searches in the dictionary. The working environment is flexible and gives you the freedom to resize each window by dragging its borders.

In addition, you can go the next or previous page, jump to a certain page, and zoom in or out of the image.

Importing/exporting options

MangaED gives you the possibility to open the first image from a catalog and create a script template. You may open and export translation files from/to plain text, HTML or ODT file format, while pictures can be imported from JPG or PNG file format.

Text editing features

You can enable the spell checking function in order to look for incorrect text while you are typing it, open the spell checker from where you can add new words to the dictionary, replace or ignore text, turn on or off the bold, italic or underline mode, as well as alter the text in terms of font, size, color and background color.

What’s more, MangaED lets you insert user-defined comments next to the current script line which can be modified in terms of text and background colors, and text size. Basic editing actions are also available, such as cut, copy, paste or delete the selected text, as well as undo or redo actions.

Last but not least, you may perform searches for words and replace them, find the meaning of unknown Kanji words using a keyboard-like panel with Kanji keys (each group is divided by the amount of strokes).

Bottom line

All things considered, MangaED comes with a built-in image viewer and dictionaries for Kanji symbols you can translate and read manga comic books, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

MangaED was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
MangaED - MangaED allows you to view manga files and translate Kanji symbols with built-in dictionaries.MangaED - The application allows you to add an image or select a folder that contains multiple photos.MangaED - From the Edit menu, you can search and replace text or you can delete the comments.MangaED - With MangaED you can add comments, then customize their appearance, by modifying the color and size of the text.MangaED - From the Kanji Finder window, you can select various symbols then view their translation.MangaED - screenshot #6MangaED - screenshot #7

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