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An accessible and comprehensive application that can help you merge multiple sections of a scanned image into a whole, using intuitive tools

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Stitch Maps is a straightforward application designed to help you create large maps by merging together multiple scanned segments.

It’s a tool created to be efficient and practical. You get this from the comprehensive interface it displays and its intuitive button layout that makes it easy to access all its features and functions.

To be able to stitch a map together, all you need are some well scanned pieces. Stitch Maps uses a map matrix approach. This means that you have to insert the images in the exact order and places they need to be in so you can obtain an accurate map.

You can load the images all at once, in a sequence of rows or columns. The scans can be in alphabetical order or in a certain pattern. Once you select the appropriate images, the application automatically loads them. Source images can also be added by simply double clicking on an empty matrix field and manually selecting the one you want. Depending on the shape and size of the map you need to obtain, you can set a custom number for the rows and columns.

Putting the entire map together is an easy task that only gets easier with time. After the images are loaded, you can adjust the overall map so it’s perfectly aligned. Stitch Maps allows you to rotate the map at fixed or predefined angles and crop it.

To merge the scans into a single large map, the application uses special algorithms that are guaranteed to generate a correct map. It enables you to perform the stitch by self-searching, defining the search band, joining points on first horizontal / vertical stitches and manually moving the map.

In closing, the application has a lot to offer and can definitely help you create large and accurate maps from scanned sections in a simple and effective manner.

Stitch Maps was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 12th, 2013
Stitch Maps - With the help of Stitch Maps you can easily add scanned maps and join them together.Stitch Maps - From this window users will be able to create a new matrix, upload various files and connect them.Stitch Maps - From the Files tab you can select the maps format and choose the output folders.Stitch Maps - screenshot #4Stitch Maps - screenshot #5Stitch Maps - screenshot #6Stitch Maps - screenshot #7Stitch Maps - screenshot #8

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