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Create large rasterized posters from smaller images or photos with the help of this easy to use software solution that features a simple wizard-like interface

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Rasterizing an image in order to create bigger resolutions and formats can be a hassle if you don't have a tool that specializes in this field, also performing the task at a very efficient speed.

Rasterbator is capable of all, but, most importantly, this little software utility incorporates all the specific elements you need to take into consideration when you perform this task, so the result would be optimal.

The application functions as a wizard that processes one image at a time while asking you to specify all the necessary parameters of the rasterizing process such as the dimensions of the paper you want to use when printing.

You can choose the size of the poster you wish to create from your original image. A grid will be applied on your photo and it will be decompiled into smaller tiles according to the measures you inserted, This way, the image size and paper consumption are taken into consideration as well.

The true intuitive nature of this small software utility is brought up particularly from its options. You can enable Rasterbator to draw a rectangle shaped figure around your image in order for it to be easier to cut after printing. Also, you can adjust the dot size, defining the maximum size of the dots in the rasterbation process.

The functionality of Rasterbator doesn't reside in the speed it performs the task with, but rather in the fact the in the same time lapse, this small utility is able to access a palette of options more diverse than one found in a complex graphic editor that incorporates the same service.

The Rasterbator was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on June 20th, 2013
The Rasterbator - The application guides users through the process of creating a multi-page poster from a smaller image file.The Rasterbator - The wizard enables users to choose between several standard paper sizes or to define their own custom size.The Rasterbator - Users can specify the height or width of the resulting poster in terms of sheets of paper.The RasterbatorThe Rasterbator

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